Monday, May 4, 2009

Strawberry Raspberry jam...

I had some strawberries that needed something to be done w/them before they started to mold. I also had a package of frozen I made jam lol.

This is what is known as freezer jam. This brand, you don't have to cook on the stove. There is another freezer jam that you do have to cook but only for a short time. I have to say, I LOVE THIS idea. And the jam, ohhhhh it's so good. Very fresh tasting and so easy to make. Plus,I have noticed that you do not use as much sugar!

I have a wonderful Cuisinart Food Processor and that's what I used to mix this all up. I put the fruit pectin and sugar in the Cuisinart and pulsed for a few seconds. Then I cut and washed the strawberries, washed the raspberries and added those. I also added some lemon juice/zest. Turn that bad boy on and go to town. When it's all smooth, ladle into plastic jars so you can freeze. I had some glass ones and plan on giving those to family.

It's easy,pretty and taste way better than the store bought. not to mention, it's healthier!

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