Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have you tried it yet?

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Stevia that is? The all-natural sweetener Sun Crystals, is made from a blend of pure cane sugar and sweet stevia.

I bought a box of the little green packets. I am usually a Splenda or just plain ole sugar, kind of gal. However, I am in love w/the Stevia! It is crystals like regular sugar, not powdery. Also, one packet was plenty in my big glass of ice tea! It does have 5 calories, however, w/new studies saying that artificial sweeteners can actually make you crave more sugar, this seems to be a great choice. I do not think it's that much more expensive than the other artificial sweeteners sold. So price wasn't an issue to me. All in all, this is great. It's also a wonderful sweetener for diabetics!

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